Light Crystal


These tools are equal parts crafted out of necessity and research in their own right to explore what holistic human-computer-interaction looks like.



Felt: Virtual Tabletop for Cooperative Storytelling

Felt is a virtual tabletop for distributed tabletop role-playing games. Players manipulate tokens and roll dice in a shared space, with websockets providing instant updates, and a suite of admin tools empowering game masters to manage the map and tokens. Setting up an instance is straightforward and the sysadmin can generate admin account creation links.


Taro: Uxn Email Client

Taro is a desktop email client pioneering an ultralightweight software design tailored for embedded and low-spec computing in a UNIX environment.


Onyx Slippy Map Annotator

ONYX is a map annotation tool which can be used for foraging, house-hunting, planning a protest, or cataloguing skate spots. It saves data locally to your machine and allows easy import and export of data in either JSON (plain text) format or as a link so you can share it your way, and it's easy to copy and redeploy.


Nirvash CMS

Eureka and Nirvash an are a static site generator and content management system for building and maintaining simple websites like this one. Eureka is efficient and easy to customize. Nirvash is modular and can be extended to work with other existing static site generators.

work in progress

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