Light Crystal Systems

A different light; clarity by design

Light Crystal Systems is a software development studio and IT consultancy specializing in custom applications and lightning-fast websites.


Succinct domain-driven design meets state-of-the-art tooling and agile development processes. These factors enable Light Crystal Systems to deliver unparalleled excellence in software products and IT infrastructure, guided by our uncompromising principles.


Cross-functional knowledge — both horizontally across business domains and vertically through different aspects of IT — gives Light Crystal Systems the wisdom and tact to build unique and powerful software from the ground up.

Derek Stevens
Developer, Owner

Derek is a software artisan with experience in a wide range of roles and companies in the IT industry — from system administration and hardware maintenance to software architecture and development. His eclectic background encompasing various business domains such as medicine, physical security, education, and insurance imparts him with wisdom that enables him to see problems in a different light and build novel and high-impact solutions. He holds a degree in Philosophy from UC Davis with a minor in Computer Science and has pioneered a number of open-source software projects such as quartzgun, nirvash, xrxs, and ryudo.


Got an idea for a software product or website? Need to fix, enhance, or overhaul an existing system? Don't hesitate to reach out here, or email us at!