Light Crystal



We build frugal, well-defined systems with intuitive interfaces and modest hardware. Our critical and long-term approach to computing empowers people and respects the Earth.

With this sustainable and down-to-earth approach to applications, web development, networking, and systems and UI design: Light Crystal Systems is crafting and researching to practice a more lucid next-generation computing gestalt.

Curious? Reach out. We also appreciate any financial support to keep doing what we love.


Convex mirror showing my small full-bodied reflection clad in black, through a hallway. On the left and right sides of the mirror are cables/scaffolding and a partially obscured light panel respectively.

Iris Lightshard is a software artisan and digital philosopher based out of Santa Fe, NM.

Early intensive interest in UI design became interest in systems design; experience with (free and open) software, networking, and operating systems (as well as philosophical, scientific, and ecological factors) inform these design instincts.


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